Nicholas Maguire

Nicholas Maguire


Hello Hello! 

I’m excited to “meet” you and I would love for you all to get to know me!


Please, call me Nicky. I am a Long Island native, but my family moved around the East Coast a few times while I was growing up. It’s been awhile since I’ve been a true local resident, but I have never lost the love for the area. I’ve worked in the customer and hospitality service industry for over 15 years serving the public. 


I began my career working in top hair salons and steadily climbed the ladder from an assistant, to becoming a hair designer and working with my own clients. I have always loved being able to mix being creative with empowering people to see themselves as beautiful and feel confident. Every time a client would exclaim how much they loved their hair, my heart would just flutter and lift me off to Cloud 9! Working in salons allowed me to get to know my clients in a one-on-one setting, and I had the best time connecting and learning about my client’s lives.


In 2013 I fell in love and decided to make a move down South to follow my heart and see where things would go. Happy to say that decision worked out great(my husband, Brian, and I have been married for nearly a decade and are growing our family), yet there was an unexpected trade-off. Upon moving to Georgia I discovered my cosmetology license wasn’t going to have reciprocity after all. I NEVER thought my career in hair would come to an end. I mean hair has been my passion since I was a kid. Determined to not throw in the towel completely, I continued working with hair for several  more years, even if I couldn’t have the hair designer role.  Serving in roles as both a receptionist and salon assistant taught me that I really thrive when I’m able to let my creativity run free and work in a collaborative team environment. But if I wasn’t going to work with hair, what the hell was I going to do? At the time, my husband was working with our previous brokerage. He had been a real estate agent for almost 15 years at that point and had stepped into a very sudden leadership role within the office. We would spend a lot of time talking about his business and how much he enjoyed the ins and outs of helping his clients buy, sell, or invest in great real estate opportunities. I really admired the care involved in the process and his emphasis on educating his clients so that they went into a given situation ready! The ONE time I worked with a real estate agent to help me make a move I had a VERY poor experience, and that had really given me an extremely negative outlook on the industry and every other agent out there. But talking to Brian was different. He wasn’t anything like the agent I encountered. He expressed genuine care for his clients best interests, never complained about a client, and his calming and patient personality was always present during stressful moments for his clients. And after much thoughtful and thorough deliberation, I decided to become a real estate agent and join Brian in his business. 


Today, I’ve been selling Real Estate for the past 7 years and while it was a very challenging pivot to make, I can say it was a wonderful decision. I’ve been so entirely blessed to receive all of the support of my friends, family, and great clients. I love creating a unique marketing experience for each listing I take on and helping our sellers navigate multiple offers. In the same breath, I love working with our buyers and helping them create a focused game plan to set them up for success in ANY market we encounter. In 2018 we made the transformative decision to become founding agents of the Compass Real Estate Buckhead office in Atlanta. Joining Compass was an easy decision. Their amazing tools and programs help us make our clients' lives easier! From programs like Compass Concierge to Coming Soon, and an amazing network of over 23,000 fellow brokers and agents across the busiest markets in the nation to help our clients move ANYWHERE! 


After recently making the move to Freeport and getting to personally experience the Spring-2022 real estate market and process, I am brimming with excitement to begin working in earnest in the market. My desire is to bring elevated marketing, my love for the details, and extensive experience navigating through the ever-changing real estate market to my fellow Long Island residents and neighbors. My intent is to be your local expert on all things Real Estate & Home and be your Realtor for life!


Interested in working together? Let’s talk! I would love to connect with you and discuss how I can be of service with your real estate needs.


Nicholas Maguire



Team Live Local was attracted to Compass by the company philosophy of combining the solutions-driven mindset of a startup and the sophistication of a luxury brand.

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